IDS Signature Translator

This is main page of IDS Signature Translator project. A project developed by students of PJWSTK Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology.

With Signature Translator you're able to translate IDS signatures e.g. from Snort rules to Dragon rules and vice versa. There is also available common signatures standard (CIDSS - Common Intrusion Detection Signatures Standard). CIDSS is a standard of IDS signatures based on XML technology.

Signature Translator is simple to use Java application which will help you to use signatures in your favourite IDS translated from other IDS.

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03.09.2008 Due to problems with current server, our webpage with all content has been moved to Sorry for this inconvenience.

02.09.2008 New release of CIDSS signatures is available

01.09.2008 New version of SigTranslator is available

25.06.2008 First publication of SigTranslated over 15 000 CIDSS signatures

23.06.2008 New version available and the first version implementing translation of stateful signatures!

05.02.2006 New version available in Download area

18.04.2005 New version available in Download area

22.11.2004 New version available

15.11.2004 New version you can find in Downloads section

29.06.2004 First development snapshots available in Downloads section

09.04.2004 Added some new screenshots