1. Requirements:
    Translator is an application that run in Java environment. You require:

  2. Compilation:
    In project directory type: ./compile (under Linux) or compile.bat (under Windows)
    If Java SDK was automatically found in your environment, compilation should be successful. Otherwise you must locate java compiler yourself.

  3. Running Translator:
    Linux: ./run
    Windows: run.bat
    If Java Runtime will not be found on your system, try locate it manually and add to %PATH% environment.

  4. Usage:
    Since 20050921 version, SigTranslator has 2 interfaces.
    By default, program is starting with GUI.
    In main window you can select type of IDS from the list, and write a signature. You can also paste them from clipboard by CTRL+V key sequence.
    The destination signature will appear in bottom window after clicking Translate button.
    There are 2 tabs: normal view (signature in selected format) or describe view (shows details about signature in human readable format).
    After translating a signature to CIDSS format you can send it to database, and then you can save all of the signatures in an XML file (default: signatures.xml). If the signatures were saved with other name, in next run you can open selecting 'Open database' from File menu.
    Translator contain also a Database Panel, from which you can manage signatures (delete or send to Translator) which are in database.

    Other kind of running program (preferred) is command line interface (quicker).
    Simply run translator with: run --help (or ./run --help in Linux system) to see
    full program syntax.

  5. ChangeLog:
    signatures 20080902 - release new version of CIDSS rules, after removing major problem in SigTranslator
    20080901 - Added debug ability (turned off by default), see -v switch
    - Added new type of session packet count and session timeout
    - Fixed problem parsing patterns (not all patterns were correctly extracted)
    - Counting stateful and all translated signatures in debug mode (statistics)
    - Added CIDSS required Pattern_Type and Pattern_Content, when they are missing in Snort sig.
    - Small changes in writing messages
    It is a stable release.
    signatures 20080625 First public release of about 15500 CIDSS rules converted automatically by SigTranslator
    20080623 - Fixed major problem reading pattern contents
    - Creating (Proto|Src|Dst|Patt)_Logic only if there are >1 elements
    - Fixed logical error merging elements
    20080509 - Added new Seq, Ack and Window protocol headers
    - Fixed small errors during reading Snort rules
    - Fixed parsing pattern contents
    20080218 Great news! After long break, stateful rules are now supported! Now it should be easier :)
    - Added session support
    - Added cidss.Session.Var.* classes
    - New parser of pattern contents
    - Added source and destination port negation
    - Added pattern negation and pattern pcre modifiers
    - Don't create GUI when translating from command line (speed increase)
    - Allow using undo function in signatures window in GUI
    - When input file is 0, create document automatically
    - Adjust showing message boxes and other GUI functions only in GUI mode
    - Added new Snort rules variables and modifiers
    - Implement usage of CDATA tags
    Sorry, I'm not able to write down all changes - there are too many
    Over 40 KB of code was added.
    20060203 - Fixed NullPointerException when input file does not exist
    - Added Proto_Logic element
    - Ask for signature ID when creating new signatures
    - Still missing CIDSS stateful rules support
    20051012 - Implement new elements from common.xsd
    - Fixed converting Snort rules to CIDSS format
    - Added new functions in cidss.* class
    20050921 - Complete code rewrite and cleanup
    - Creation of cidss class
    - Split source files to ids and cidss classes
    - Adjusted code to match new XSD
    - Added first command line interface
    - Added customization of input, output and xsd files
    - Many, many other changes
    20050418 - Changed common.xsd format, adjusted XMLSignature class
    - Added wrapping of output XML files (not all signatures in 1 line)
    - Other small fixes
    20041115 - Modified writing signatures to an XML file
    - Small minor fixes
    20040627 first public release of Translator.
    - Added new IDS - RealSecure
    - XML parsing engine was rewritten
    - A lot of bugs were fixed
    20030618 first release of Translator by Krystian Miakisz.